Mesothelioma Law Firms

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Judul : Mesothelioma Law Firms
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Mesothelioma Law Firms

Mesothelioma Law Firms

Dr. H. Montague Murray diagnosed the ill effects of asbestos exposure in the beginning of the twentieth century. This was a chance discovery during an autopsy where the British doctor reported lung disfiguration. This initial diagnosis paved the way for other medical practitioners to continue further research on this subject. The harmful health effects of asbestos factory workers and miners became a contentious issue. Medical malpractices even masked a number of cases as emphysema, which is an after effect of smoking. However, times have changed and defaulting companies have been dealt with severely. To contest this problem in its entirety, Mesothelioma law firms have worked towards ensuring workers safety.

Mesothelioma is defined as a cancer type that affects the mesothelial cells, which are found in internal body organ linings. Upon recognition of asbestos health hazards, numerous legal provisions were incorporated. America has not banned the use of asbestos but has laid down laws that protect workers exposed to it. At times, it may be increasingly difficult for Mesothelioma law firms to prove their case irrespective of laid guidelines. This is because Mesothelioma is seldom detected in its initial stages and most physicians understand the disease in its later stages.

Mesothelioma law firms are dedicated to protect the rights of affected people and provide compensation accordingly. Since the outcome of asbestos exposure is a known issue at present, companies take necessary action to prevent such severe fallouts. However, most law firms are still engaged in fighting for plaintiffs that were exposed to the condition between 1930 and 1970. Arguments state a number of people may have even perished without correct diagnosis. The intensity of a verdict usually depends upon a company's modus operandi wherein most chose to mask its aftereffects. This can also be proved as criminal intent of companies. Mesothelioma law firms comprise of a team of specialized and experienced lawyers who represent the plaintiff. When considering a lawsuit, people need to find a reputed Mesothelioma law firm that can represent a case well.

How To Choose A Mesothelioma Law Firm When Seeking Compensation For Asbestos Exposure

The person who represents your interest in a mesothelioma case has to be chosen very carefully. The success of your case depends as much on your attorney as it does on the facts presented in the case. Your mesothelioma lawyer should have a good amount of knowledge of laws regarding mesothelioma and at least a working understanding of the disease itself.

A lot of paperwork is required to prove a case of negligence by the company that processed the asbestos which causes mesothelioma so your lawyer has to be able to gather, organize and present all the necessary information well. You also want someone who understands what you are dealing with emotionally, psychologically and physically so that your case is as important to them as it is to you.

Choosing Your Representation

When you choose a lawyer or law firm to represent your case you should be comfortable with all members of the staff who are involved with the case. You should view them as being competent and experienced enough to handle your case. If that is not true, you should rethink your decision to file your case with the firm and contact other law firms to find one you are happy with.

Questions for the Firm

You should ask questions of the lawyers until you are completely satisfied that they are the best team to handle your case.

Here is a list of questions you should ask the attorney(s) interested in handling your mesothelioma lawsuit:

o Does your law firm handle mesothelioma cases or will I be referred to another law firm? If so, what is the name of the law firm that handles my type of case?

o How long have you been involved in handling mesothelioma lawsuits and do you handle other types of medical law? What about toxic substance cases?

o How man mesothelioma cases are currently being handled by the law firm?

o (In the case of an individual attorney) How many mesothelioma lawsuits have you personally handled and what is your success rate in and out of court?

o How many mesothelioma cases has your firm taken to trial and what is the success rate of your trial cases? Are there lawyers on staff who handle the trial cases?

o In settlement cases, who handles the legal proceedings and what is the firm's success rate with settlements? What is the range of settlement amount and is medical care typically included?

Mesothelioma Law Firms Can Help You to Right the Wrongs of the Industry

For many years the asbestos industry - manufacturers, suppliers, product developers, insurance companies, etc - claimed that they had no knowledge that asbestos could endanger the health and well being of asbestos workers. Rather than protecting their employees and seeing a lower bottom line these firms instead chose to hide the facts and deny any allegations that asbestos was causing their employees to get sick and die.

However, the dangers related to the inhalation of asbestos fibers had been known for close to two thousand years. In ancient Rome, Pilny the Elder observed that slaves who were forced to work in the quarries exhibited a high degree of "lung sickness."

In 1918 a report published by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics noted that people who worked in the asbestos industry were dying at an unusually young age. By the mid 1920s the U.S. asbestos industry had already settled its first asbestos related claim.

Then, in 1934, Aetna Insurance said that asbestos was "incurable." This information was published in the Attorney's Textbook of Medicine. The insurance company observed that typically exposure to asbestos leads to disability and death.

Nonetheless, until the early 1970s the industry chose to hide the dangers related to asbestos. Initially, one of the methods they used was to settle worker's compensation claims instead of fighting battles in the courts. However, within a short amount of time they instead chose to not admit to any wrong doing at all and neither would they admit to any liability.

In the early 1970s various agencies in the government started to direct the public's attention to the dangers associated with the use of asbestos. Although they set up guidelines for its use the United States government chose not to ban its use. The U.S. is actually one of the few industrialized countries in the world that has not outlawed the use of asbestos.

However, companies were warned that they better start protecting their employees by issuing protective gear.

Even with these directives a number of manufacturers and companies involved in the industry decided to continue manufacturing asbestos without making any of the changes that were mandated. According to internal documents these companies were well aware of the toxicity of the substance and, instead of incurring additional costs, made a conscious decision to "stay the course" and continue their operations as-is.

At that time, despite the negative press, few people were paying much attention to the plight of asbestos victims. And even with all the evidence available, from the late 1970s through the 1990s insurance companies still had unanimously decided that they would not admit liability.

If you or a member of your family was either diagnosed with an asbestos related disease or were exposed to asbestos because of a company's disregard for your safety then you may want to hold them accountable for their actions. Mesothelioma law firms can potentially help you to receive a settlement while keeping the amount of participation on your part to a minimum.

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